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The trouble with the internet is that not everything is what it seems

Did you hear about the guy who developed an app for iPhone and is making a killing except that he really didn't develop an app?

He has never programmed in his life. He just took the calculator app that comes free with iPhone and wrapped it in a 1-line application wrapper and is selling it to iPhone owners for $1 a pop. So when a low information person is looking for a calculator app to replace the one that comes built-in, he buys this guy's app for $1 only to find that it is the same thing he already has. He is not going to ask for his $1 back because it will cost him more in time and money just to pick up the phone to call Apple.

This is the same story with all the consumer bankruptcy software sellers out there.

Bankruptcy software is very difficult to develop and so a couple people with no technical skills decided to resell the same bankruptcy forms that anyone can download for free from the court web sites. They figured that if they call it bankruptcy software and price it low enough, they would find suckers who will pay for it.

Believe it or not, these are our only direct competitors.

The only real competition our genuine bankruptcy software has are the fake software sites. This makes it very easy to spot them. If they call it bankruptcy software and if it is not from us, then it is not genuine. So when we say that ours is the only genuine consumer bankruptcy software anywhere, we are not kidding.

It is not enough for us to ask you to take our word for it. There is an even better way to find out for yourself which bankruptcy software is genuine and which is not.

If you can do a LIVE DEMO of the software then it is genuine bankruptcy software.

So before you read any further, do the live demo!

When you do the live demo, you will be entering information in the demo web page just like you would on our real online software page, and when you click the Print button, out will come your 1-page bankruptcy petition with your information filled in.

So if they do not offer a live demo, it is not real. 

Keep in mind that a live demo is NOT just a sample. A sample bankruptcy document is just a static unchanging form pre-filled with John Doe information. In our live demo, our software engine creates the documents on the fly with the information that you yourself type into the browser.

Another way to tell the pretend bankruptcy software is from their price. Because it is not real, they have to price it under $50 so that if you catch on to what is going on, the price you paid would not be too little to get all flustered over. For some yet unexplained reason though, they seem to like to price it at either $44 or $49. Perhaps those are their lucky numbers, so look out for those price points.

Bankruptcy software is not for everyone. Find out if it is right for you

We are on your side and that means that we are committed to your bankruptcy success, even if it means your hiring a lawyer or doing it yourself without our software.

No one solution is suitable for everyone. 

There are times when a bankruptcy attorney is the right choice notwithstanding their high cost; there are times when a full-service preparer is the right choice and there are times when bankruptcy software is the right choice.

Here is a selection guide to help you make the right choice:

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Use a bankruptcy lawyer when you own an incorporated business or have a lot going wrong with your unincorporated business. If your financial situation cannot be told simply and directly without the help of charts and long winder explanations, then perhaps that is a signal that you will need an attorney. That is what they are ideally suited for. Visit Chapter 7 Reviews for their article on bankruptcy lawyers.

Bankruptcy Software

If you can prepare your own bankruptcy using paper forms or bankruptcy forms downloaded from the court web site but you rather not do it by hand because of all the calculations, then bankruptcy software is the right solution. People who use software are typically those who know what to do and do not need legal advice, but just need a quick and painless way to do it.  Visit Chapter 7 Reviews for their article on bankruptcy software.

As we have said elsewhere on this site, we are the only bankruptcy software company providing genuine bankruptcy software designed for consumers. There are other outfits selling the plain blank bankruptcy forms cleverly rebranded as bankruptcy software. You can tell them from the fact that they do not offer a LIVE DEMO like we can. You can also tell them from their price which is usually about $44 to $49. 

It just does not make sense to pay for the same blank forms that anyone can download for free from the court web site!

Full-Service Bankruptcy Service

Full-service bankruptcy preparation is ideal for those who have never filed bankruptcy before and for those who are terrified about making a mistake but cannot afford a bankruptcy lawyer. If you have never filed bankruptcy before or you easily get terrified about legal matters, then you should either use a lawyer or a full-service bankruptcy company. The only difference is that a lawyer can give you legal advice while a full-service company cannot. Behind the scenes, even if you hire a lawyer, he or she will not prepare the bankruptcy. All the real work is done for them by their full-service preparer staff or even by their secretary.  Visit Chapter 7 Reviews for their article on full-service bankruptcy companies.

If you hire a lawyer, you will get to really talk to them at the initial consultation when you pay them. After you have paid them, good luck if you see them again or talk to them again. Every time you call his or her office with a question, it will be answered by their secretary who screens their calls. Most bankruptcy lawyers operate as front sales people in consumer cases.

The key word is, consumer cases, and this is because as a consumer, bankruptcy filing is mostly about typing the paperwork correctly. It is not about having a lawyer on your side. Consumer bankruptcies require little or no legal advice but if you need legal questions answered, you can get it answered at a free initial consultation with a lawyer, and then come back and use our bankruptcy software.

For a lot of people it is about feeling safe. It is like having one's mom come into the classroom on their first day of school. This is not to knock those who really need that security blanket. There are people who because of bad experiences have a fragile state of mind and could benefit from having a lawyer around.

If you are an incorporated business, you have no choice but to hire a lawyer since a corporation is not a natural person and so has to be represented.

You can learn all about this from the bankruptcy review web site, Chapter 7 Reviews. They not only review bankruptcy sites, but they also provide good articles on the bankruptcy for consumers. You can also visit the other online bankruptcy review site, Bankruptcy Reviews


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